=====The Big Pause of 2020=====
Though usually exploring North America through photography, art, and experiments in off-grid living, I’m staying put on the Maine coast during the Covid-19 virus crisis.
I am concentrating on making premium face masks & cloth face coverings.

It’s Mask Time In America
Every mask purchased enables more to be made for donation.
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Premium Handmade Face Masks
Shipped Nationwide & Available Curbside in Portland Maine.
American Made; Made in Maine, USA.

ROADDUDE – Photog, Writer, Artist On the Road In North America is about one man’s travels on the roads of North America. It contains stories, how-to articles, gear reviews, and images about the people, places, and culture encountered along the way.

I am a photographer, writer, and artist and travel extensively with my van, off-road trailer, ebike and canoe. I write about my experiences on the Roaddude – On the Road In North America Blog and post regularly about my travels and adventuring on instagram @roaddude.

Poke around for an ever-growing variety of blog posts and pages with articles, how-to’s, and images of the places I’ve been and the people I meet.


Roaddude Mask-Making made possible in part by donation from:

XVENTURE severe-duty trailers are the perfect cargo hauling and adventure camping companions.

American made. Military proven.


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